It's not about seducing men,


-Dita Von Teese

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Every boudoir experience at Vivid Elegance includes a full day of pampering, personal empowerment & self love, along with VIP customer service from the moment you inquire to the day your order arrives....



Miss M.

Doing a boudoir shoot with Emilee was by far the most empowering experience I’ve had as a woman in a very long time.

I am by nature a very conservative person & I feel as if Emilee & Vivid Elegance respected my body & views. Emilee managed my anxiety with care & compassion. She made me not only look beautiful in my photos by she made me feel beautiful as well. 
I initially did this shoot during a negative time of my life and the boost of confidence & power it gave me, helped me through a difficult time. I order several pictures! And the best part is they aren’t for any person, no husband, boyfriend or significant other. They are for me! All powerful, beautiful & inspiring..Emilee & vivid Elegance reminded me of the person I am. With only a photograph. Now when I feel my spirit slipping, I’ll look at me & remember how power I am! Thank You Emilee & Vivid Elegance!

Miss R.

My #WCW is me myself and I, who else would it be?! As someone who has struggled so hard over this last year or so trying to rediscover my self love, I did something that terrified me from the second I booked this shoot. I thought I would hate every single picture and walk out of there in tears. But, I was pleasantly surprised and after seeing the rough drafts couldn't even decide which ones to order because I loved most of them! I look back on these pictures and see a kick ass woman who yes, at times still struggles trying to rebuild that self confidence, but also, isn't going to settle for anything less than she deserves..."

For access to a wonderful community of body positive, uplifting women, as well as fun contests, giveaways, and booking specials, join the Vivid Elegance Facebook group! 

Why I love boudoir...

Fun Facts:


I’m a proud fur-mom, I wear a lot of black, pasta and tacos are always a good idea as far as I’m concerned, and you can ask me anything about Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Supernatural. 

Boudoir photography is so much more than beautiful images. It's a celebration of your metamorphosis through life, and it captures so much more than the beauty you see in the mirror or in selfies; it captures the beauty that everyone else gets to see that you may never even be aware of! It's vulnerable, raw, sexy, powerful, and fantastical. Boudoir is truly my way to empower women through my art, and it's always an honor to evoke and awaken each woman's unique feminine spirit in my studio. 


Hearing your story and celebrating your strength, beauty, and heart is what makes my career so special. I want every woman that walks through my door to have the absolute best boudoir experience, and for that experience to leave a lasting, positive impact on her life.  

Behind the lens...

When I do have a spare moment, I’m usually enjoying time with my family and my animals. I go to a lot of metal concerts, I love to travel, go for trail rides on my horses, or even just binge some Netflix and curl up with a good book and some tea.


I also work as a crime victim advocate for my hometown police department. I’ve worked for the department for seven years and although it can be a tough job, it brings me a lot of fulfillment to help other people rebuild their lives and move forward as empowered survivors.  

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