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New Services at Vivid Elegance!

If you're in my VIP group, you likely saw my announcement at the beginning of March 2022 that I would be offering some new services here at Vivid Elegance. If you're not in the group, or you missed it, here's some more information on what's to come, along with some exciting new changes, and why I'm shaking things up this year!

New Services!

Empowerment Sessions- Freya

These sessions are for women and girls of all ages. I'm really excited to open things up and offer a session that can work for everyone, no matter the occasion. These sessions are inspired by the Norse Goddess Freya who while beautiful, loving, and brave, she was also a force to be reckoned with! This session is perfect for graduating seniors, moms to be, survivors, sweet sixteens, celebrating silver hair, or simply just because!

Empowerment sessions will be conducted on location for the time being, with in studio options available in the future.

Connection Sessions- Bona Dea

The Bona Dea sessions are so special because they're all about sisterhood, womanhood, and the female connection. This session gives you the chance to have an experience where you can make some beautiful memories with the women and girls closest to you. These sessions are perfect for mothers and daughters, sisters, best friends, and celebrating generations of women within your family.

Success Sessions- Lakshmi

Lakshmi is the goddess of success, wealth, and abundance in the Hindu faith. Inspired by Lakshmi, I wanted to offer a session for female professionals and entrepreneurs, such as myself where you can show off your personal spark and your expertise! Pricing for collections with these sessions are a little different, since they will be mostly digital and will include a commercial use license.


Change Ahead!

Session Fees and How They Work:

For the last 5 years, I've charged a session fee which covers the session itself and images and products were sold separately. That's going to be changing...slightly. Your session fee will reserve your date on my calendar and include everything it did previously, only now it will also be credited towards your collection purchase! That way you can still choose whatever collection you want, and you already have a chunk paid into it! Makes more sense to me!

Now Required: Pre-Session Payment Plans

I started offering pre-session payment plans in 2020, now they will be required for ALL new clients moving forward. There's a couple of reasons for this:

1- I think it makes it much easier on my clients to fit their experience into their budget

2- You get to add on FREE bonuses with a collection purchase! Who wouldn't want that?

3- We can plan for your artwork with specific shots. Total no brainer!

4- It ensures I get paid. After all, this is a business and my livelihood; and unfortunately, there are people who try to take advantage.

Wedding photography works very similarly. You have to pay for it in advance, usually with a substantial deposit. Not to mention, with weddings it's an even bigger risk since they're a one shot deal! You can't re-shoot a wedding, but if necessary, you can easily re-shoot a portrait session.

How does it work? Super simple. Once you book in, you'll get my investment menu in an email and you'll have 14 days from booking to decide which collection you want to go with. We'll set your plan up so it's convenient for you, and then you're all set! One less thing to worry about! And if you want to upgrade during your session you still can, you would just pay the difference at the end of your reveal! Easy peasy!

Why The Change?

I've been in the boudoir industry as a working photographer for 5 years. In that time I've seen the industry grow and evolve and I've worked with a lot of women from all walks of life. Boudoir is all about empowerment, which I absolutely love, but here's what's missing: while boudoir is very empowering for a lot of women, it leaves out the idea that not EVERY woman is empowered by boudoir.

Remember that quote that says something along the lines of "modesty empowers some women while showing skin empowers others,"? That's basically what this all boils down to. I got into this business to empower all women; not just women who are empowered by boudoir. So that's the primary reason I wanted to offer some new services that are a better fit for women who are looking for a luxury service and high quality, timeless artwork, but maybe don't want to wear lingerie and be photographed in sensual poses. I also wanted to start working with younger women and girls too, because I feel like the younger you are when you feel empowered, you kind of get inoculated against society's BS. At least to a certain degree.


With all that in mind, if you would like to book a session with me for any portrait service, please schedule a consultation with me online at

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