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Things To Avoid Before Your Boudoir Experience

There's all kinds of information about what you should do to prepare for a boudoir session, what to wear, and what to look for when choosing a photographer, but what about things you shouldn't do? Here's a short list of things to avoid before your special day at the studio so everything goes smoothly and your images are the best they can be!


Alcohol consumption in the 48 hours before your session should be avoided. I say this because not only can it make you appear puffy, and be dehydrating, your eyes can become glassy and this is something that cannot be corrected during the editing process.

Please be aware that if you arrive for your boudoir experience and appear to be under the influence of alcohol or any other substances that can potentially inhibit your judgment or put your safety in jeopardy, the session will be canceled without a refund, per the session contract.

Sun Exposure:

This is a BIG ONE. Please stay out of the sun in the two weeks before your boudoir experience. Aside from the general discomfort of having a sunburn here in sunny Florida, I cannot remove a sunburn or peeling in Photoshop. I don't recommend spray tanning for those who don't do so regularly, but if you feel like you need a sun-kissed glow, please see a reputable spray tan professional- preferably one that uses green/neutral-based pigments instead of orange.

Drastic Style Changes:

The weeks leading up to your boudoir experience are a great time to freshen up your current look. Getting your roots touched up, a conditioning mask and a maintenance trim are all recommended so you're looking and feeling your best on the big day. However, going from long tresses to a cropped bob, or going from platinum blonde to jet black should probably wait until after your session. There's nothing worse than post-salon regret.

Fresh Tattoos:

Tattoos are awesome and one of my favorite art forms! I have a couple myself and I love photographing my clients who have them. But please avoid getting new ink right before your session. The average healing process for a tattoo takes roughly four weeks and during that time there's redness, flaking, and just general discomfort that can be made worse by tight or strappy clothing (like lingerie). So it's best to wait until your tattoo is completely healed before your session.

This also is best practice for microblading & other permanent makeup procedures that may not allow for standard makeup application during the healing process.

Bloating Foods:

In the 48 hours leading up to your session, it's best to avoid foods and beverages that cause you to bloat. Things that are highly processed, have a high salt content, carbonation, or gaseous foods (like broccoli and brussel sprouts) can make you feel gassy and bloated, so maybe swap out these greens for spinach or zucchini to be on the safe side.

Not Eating/Hydrating:

Please do not restrict your nutrition or hydration before your session. I encourage my clients to eat a balanced meal the day of, and to stay adequately hydrated. Staying hydrated is not only healthy, but it makes your skin look its best on camera. Eating a decent meal beforehand not only helps with nerves but keeps your blood sugar and energy levels up; a boudoir session is a bit of a workout!


As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your session, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via text or email. I'm always happy to discuss your session with you and help you prepare for the best day ever!

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