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Work with Me- Planning Your Dream Boudoir Session

I know planning a boudoir session can be super exciting, but also potentially daunting. Where do you even start? What photographer should you go with? What should you wear? What about hair & makeup?

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Whoa, whoa, whoa!!! Let's start at Step 1- Finding your photographer.

If you're here, that means you probably like my work, and something about my message has resonated with you. If you want to have a portrait experience that is sexy, fun, empowering, and most of all elegant, then you've found the right photographer!

As for what I'm like as a person, if you like pasta and tacos, laugh at puns, and can nerd out with me over Harry Potter, LOTR, and Game of Thrones, we're golden! I'm almost always in something black and I listen to a lot of heavy metal; I know that's not everyone's thing, but if you do enjoy such things, we'll get along like peas and carrots. And if it's not, I also really like ABBA and the Backstreet Boys but shhhh!!!! Don't tell anyone!

Now, let's get into it!

Step 2 - Your Consultation.

I know I calls aren't my favorite either, but I promise to keep it short and sweet! I do require phone calls before you book because I want to make sure I'm the right photographer for you. I want you to have all the information and I also want you to get a chance to talk to me before you come and get photographed by a total stranger! You can schedule a free consultation with me here.

Step 3- Preparing For Your Session!

Once your session fee is paid and your contract is signed, you're going to get a ton of information from me in the weeks leading up to your session. Everything from what to wear, where to shop, what to look for, and having your hair and nails done. Also, most importantly, what to avoid when preparing for your session; like tanning, alcohol, and not eating properly (you need to eat before your session)! I'll guide you every step of the way and I'll never leave you hanging. If you ever have any questions about anything, just reach out! I'm a text message away!

Step 4- Your Session

Yay!!! The big day is finally here!!! When you arrive for your session, my stylist and I will welcome you and get you settled in, take your things to be laid out, and get you started in hair & makeup! Hair and makeup takes about 90 minutes and is done to your taste and style. After that, we'll go through the outfits you brought, pick which ones you'll wear for your session, and then we'll get to work!

The session itself is about an hour long and I'll photograph you in 4 outfits/looks during your session and rotate you through the different sets. Don't worry, I'll do all the poses for you first and guide you for gorgeous emotions too! I'll also be showing you my camera as we go along so you can see how awesome you look... no Photoshop needed!

After the photography portion of your experience is over, you'll have about 90 minutes to go and grab some lunch while I edit the images from your session. When you come back, we'll go through the images together so you can see a finished product before making any purchasing decisions, design your album and wall art, I'll collect your payment for your order, and then send your order off to the lab!

A boudoir experience is a full day, usually about 4-5 hours, so please make sure to allot for that time in your schedule.

Step 5- After Your Session

What, you think you can just come in for a session, place your order and that's it?! No, silly! After your session, I'll be sending you care information for your artwork as well as touching base now and then to see how you're doing! You'll likely also be in my VIP group if you're not already, and I'll keep in touch with you there as well.

You see, empowerment doesn't just come from a one-time experience; it comes from having a community of women behind you who will always have your back and be there if you ever need a boost! Many of my clients have come back multiple times for sessions and I hope you do too, but in between, I want you to know I'm always here for you, not just as your photographer, but as a woman and friend.

If you're not in my VIP group, umm...why not? It's free and it's full of awesome women like you! You can totally come sit with us! No mean girls allowed!

Also, don't forget to schedule your consultation! I can't wait to work with you!

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